We will offer a 360° solution includes everything for you!
There is one-to-one quickly service for every client.

Our service object is the real demand of your project and your specific product. Our service goal lays in increasing your investment efficiency and reducing the avoidable wastes and costs.
From the beginning of your first telephone to us, the first email for inquiry and the first step into our company, our service has begun. Studying your samples seriously, analyzing your demands carefully, choosing the suitable machine model objectively, even customizing machine model objectively, even customizing machines for your specially…, the customer service we believe in will give expression through the equipments and engineering we provide. We keep carrying out our responsibility always in the field of plastic molding machinery and mold Engineering
There is no lonely machine, but an integrated system.
Right! We focus our eyes on the plastic molding machinery engineering as a whole, rather than as simple as supplying an injection molding machine or blow molding machine only.
We could supply the whole processing flow. From the basic supports of compressed air and cold water, to product designing and mould providing; from the basic supports of compressed air and cold eater, to product designing and mould providing; from the material auto-loading system, to crushing and recycling the material wasted, even considering the requests of filling, we can provide for you the special integrated solutions.
Guarantee Machine need insurance as same as human.
The guarantee and insurance to the machine, is what the customers care most and what we attach importance to. The entire guarantee system could lengthen the machine life substantially and reduce the machinery investment shared by the products, making your product more competitive. We have established a suit of entire

*Stick quality control in production, insuring the machine’s reliability
*One year guarantee time and spare parts provided as a present, insuring the normal running and production.
*The training to your operators before delivery, avoiding the mistake possibility due to wrong operation
*The engineers dispatched to install and adjust the machine in your factory, laying the good beginning for your production.
*Standardized components to make sure you can find the replaced ones easily and economically.
*Enough spare parts stored to make sure we can send to you replaced parts without any delay
*The free technical supports and consultant service all the machine and mold life

Zhangjiagang Great machinery, the hospital and insurance company of your all kind of plastic molding machinery