Injection moulding machine

geruite machinery injection molding machine
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Injection moulding machine
Model: D350S
Clamping force: 350ton
Shot weight: 845-1151gram
Tie bar space: 680*680mm

Plastic Injection Moulding Project Solution

Product descriptio

  • With super tie bar space, clamping stroke and eject stroke. It is enough capacity to produce your demand all kind of plastic product
  • It is good at inject thermoplastic plastic material, such as PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PET, TPE, TPU…
  • Injection unit with double injection cylinder and reciprocating screw;
  • High response servo motor system;
  • Linear guide with low resistance and high precision control;
  • Flexible front platen design, with little large-area anit deformation.
  • With faster heating, and more precise temperature control
  • T-Slot mold platen for easily mounting mold.
  • Transducers ruler on all measurements
  • 38CrMoAlA.Nitrides Barrel and screw material, nozzle and check valve for anti-rust and wearing
  • Professional transformer is required to convert any special electricity power in the World.