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Precise and energy injection molding machine D300S
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Servo motor injection machine was most good at injection thermoplastic plastic material, such as PP (Polypropylene), PE (Polyethylene)
Our machine has bigger tie bar space and shot weight capacity, it is enough capacity to produce your demand all kind of plastic product

INECTION  UNITScrew Diametermm556065
Screw L/D RatioL/D21.820.018.5
Shot Size(Theoretical)cm3656780916
Injection Weightg597710833
Injection PressureMPa229.1192.5164.0
Injection Rate into Aircm3/s219.0275.0260.6327.3305.9384.1
Injection Strokemm276
Injection Speedcm/s9.2/11.6
Screw Speedrpm192/242
CLAMPING  UNITClamping ForceKN3000
Clamping Strokemm650
Space Between Tie Barmm630*630
Max. Mold Heightmm650
Min. Mold Heightmm250
Eject Strokemm160
Eject ForceKN67
No. Of Ejector Pinspiece13
OTHERSMax. Pump PressureMPa17.5
Pump Motor PowerKW30.033.5
Heater PowerKW19.3
Hopper CapacityKg50
Oil Tank CapacityL700