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PVC Fitting Injection Molding Machine
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PVC Fitting Injection Molding Machine
We using special rigid PVC screw , alumina heating band and fand for injection PVC material

 Model TR-140PVCTR-160PVCTR-188PVCTR-230PVC
INJECTION UNITScrew Diametermm404550404550455055505560
Screw L/D Ratio 22.520.018.022.520.
Shot Size(Theoretical)cm3220278343251318393334412499488591703
Injection Weightg286361446327413510434536648635768914
Injection Rate Into Aircm3/s91116142116147182126156189133160191
Injection Rate
Into Air(ACC)
Injection Pressurebar404550404550455055505560
Injection Strokemm175175210249
Screw Speedrpm0~1900~2370-1570-154
CLAMPING UNITClamping ForceKN1400160018802300
Clamping Strokemm400420470510
Space Between Tie Barmm410×410460×460510×470560×530
Max. Mold Heightmm460460500550
Min. Mold Heightmm180180180200
Eject Strokemm120120125135
Eject ForceKN38385362
No. Of Ejector Pinspiece5559
OTHERSMax. Pump PressureMPa16161616
Pump Motor PowerKW15.015.018.518.5
Heater PowerKW7.47.49.316
Hopper CapacityKg25255050
Oil Tank CapacityL245245310400
Machine Dimension(L×W×H)m4.8×1.25×2.154.8×1.22×2.155.3×1.6×2.26.0×1.6×2.2
Machine WeightT5.04.8 7.8
We have designed PVC fitting injection machine that meet client strictly production requirements.
Wide safety doors are fit for the core pulling cylinder of fitting moulds.
Two groups core pulling devices, 2 in & out for each group
Hard chroming nozzle with bigger nozzle hole ensures high quality of products of PVC, UPVC
With corrosion resistance, hard chroming special screw for the PVC powders can plasticize PVC, UPVC powders evenly
Multi-stage air-cooling ensures exact temperature control necessary for PVC, UPVC which has narrow melt range
The increased hydraulic motor meets the requirements of high torque when PVC powers plasticized.
Driven by the servomotor or variable pump in order to save energy (Optional function)