(Otago Daily Times) newspaper dated 27th, August, 2015
The staff at our New Zealandcustomer is fizzing with excitement because the company’s own automatic bottle-moulding machine has just produced its millionth bottle.
Our New Zealandcustomer’s managing direction Mr. Alf Loretan said the event was hugely significant for the South Dunedin Company, which had previously relied on aChristchurchbusiness to produce its bottles
TheChristchurchCompany closed about two and a-half years ago and Mr. Loretan decided to buy its own machine.
The only other option had been to order bottles fromAucklandbut, because of transport and production costs, that was not viable
The choice to import a machine fromChina/ Zhangjiagang Great Machinery Co., Ltd was “a fantastic investment”, Mr.Loretan said.
The Automatic PET blowing molding machine makes six different sizes of bottles and the millionth was produced last week. That bottle had the numerals 1,000,000 written on the side and was put aside as a memento.