I’m 30 years old, and there are several things that life has taught me that I want to share with you. Some of these things I’ve known since I was young, some of these things I have learned recently.
I believe these lessons will add to your life. Without further ado, here are the 5 lessons that life has taught me at 30 years of age.
1. Marry Well
It’s critical that you pursue relationships with individuals who are “good,” first. Don’t let your primary criteria be cuteness or coolness. You only want to get married once, so it’s critical that you marry the right person. Marry someone who you can fall in love with several times over, because they’re so good.
2. Take Care of Your Body
You will live longer, and you will live happier, if you take care of your body; you may even get promoted faster on your job. Research shows that people who take good care of their body are perceived to be better workers.
And if that’s not enough to motivate you, remember that your health is really your greatest wealth.
3. Save Your Money
If you are to be wealthy, you must not just earn a lot, you must save a lot.
4. Think Long-term
In high school I was thinking about college, in college I was thinking about life after college. In my teens, I was thinking about 20’s, in my 20’s, I was thinking about my 30s. Now that I’m 30, I’m planning how my life will be in my 40’s. I’m designing my life and I’m making decisions today that will enable me to live the life I desire when I’m in my 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
You have to think long-term, you have to see the “big picture.” If you plan your future properly, you will live into your plans.
5. Realize the Power of Focus
Focus, focus, focus… Nothing is more critical than focus. If you fail in this lifetime, you will fail because of broken focus.
If you focus on the goals that are most important to you, to the exclusion of everything else, you will achieve them.

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