From 16 to 17 October, Sun Jiazheng, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, attended and addressed the first summit of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue (ACD) convened in Kuwait as the Special Representative of President Hu Jintao.
Su Jiazheng said that the current international and regional development is complex and fluid, while Asia has generally maintained peace and stability. Promoting good-neighborly relations, dialogue, cooperation and common development features prominently in the policies adopted by countries in our region. Asia is now an important engine driving global growth and a key player in global affairs. Asian countries should discuss the goal for pan-Asian cooperation, chart the course for future cooperation, and contribute to the development of Asia and the whole world.
Sun Jiazheng proposed taking three steps to reach this goal. First, foster Asian awareness to build a harmonious Asia. The ACD should conduct dialogues among different religions, civilizations and cultural exchanges in various forms through multiple channels. Second, make cooperation more efficient to accelerate Asia’s development. It is important to integrate resources and focus on carrying out result-oriented cooperation in areas of common interest of developing countries, namely, food security, energy security, connectivity, finance, education and poverty alleviation. Third, build Asian consensus to increase Asia’s influence.
The Asian countries should build consensus and express the views of Asia on major issues such as global economic governance, reform of the international financial system, climate change, Millennium Development Goals as well as food and energy security.

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