In order to produce proper and qualified plastic injection mold or blowing mold of plastic parts, plastic mold processing and storage need particularly caution. When the mold is closed to start the next cycle, plastic parts stranded in the mold will suffer damage which could further jeopardize the use of molds. Therefore, usually take measures to ensure that the plastic parts mold release and mold parts reset before allowing the mold closed, with the one used to detect the injection molding of plastic parts falling phototube enough for single-cavity mold. For multi-cavity mold, you cannot use this method. In this case, using the following methods:
– Mold Template to reset device
– Multi-pulse Ejection Equipment (pulse ejector)
– Mechanical and electrical mold protection device
– Air discharge device
– Top of the board reset safety device
Of course, above are just some theoretical explanation, for more details , you can learn from practical operation and experience.

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